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Salsa Jeans with Emana Technology - Fight Against Cellulite


Salsa Jeans with Emana Technology - Fight Against Cellulite

Salsa, the Portuguese denim brand, continues to surprise us, focusing on launching innovative products combined with the latest technological developments and differentiating raw materials. Salsa has, therefore, become the first brand in Europe to use EMANA technology in denim, proving once again that it is a pioneer when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind, revolutionary fits.

It is based on this saying that Salsa has developed the Push Up Wonder Jeans, which lift the buttocks, and the Secret Push In Jeans, which hold the tummy in, with EMANA, technology, harmoniously combining science with the perfect fit by using Emana fibre.

Emana technology helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and ensures a more beautiful and softer skin, improving elasticity and reducing imperfections. The innovative raw material incorporates bioactive minerals into the denim fibre that guarantee the long-lasting cosmetic effect. Emana fibre absorbs body heat and radiates infrared rays back into the skin, stimulating blood microcirculation. Even after prolonged use and washings, Salsa's Emana jeans are guaranteed to maintain their properties.

Being extremely comfortable, these new jeans provide / add wellness to your day-to-day, reducing signs of cellulite, as well as increasing the elasticity and softness of the skin.

This new technology can be found from this week on in the already iconic Salsa Push Up Wonder and Push In Secret models.



SKIN IMPERFECTIONS: To reduce the signs of cellulite and ensure an even lovelier and softer skin, use the garment with Emana for 6 hours a day for 30 consecutive days.

PROVEN EFFICIENCY: Emana technology was confirmed by independent lab tests on 90 women who had the opportunity of testing the benefits the product provides. And you, what are you waiting for to be surprised by the result?

NO TIGHTNESS ON THE SKIN: Emana is synonymous with maximum comfort and well-being, so you don’t need to make any effort! Just put the clothes on and the yarn technology will take care of your skin.

DURABILITY: Emana’s properties don’t wash off, and remain for the product’s entire lifetime.